She, 14-02-2016

She painted the world yellow
Leaving its gloomy insides hollow
She danced fiercely with the devil
At the exact rhythm of the vinyl

She charmed knights through the realm
And rejected worthless ones with her palm
She hides behind two masks with fervor
Begging for the knight to ask a favor

She picks up a beautiful flower
Absorbs its prettiness with her power
She stands across the hallway
Gazing onto souls sending them castaway

She recklessly played with fire
Burning her cloth; skin now bare
She shined under the moonlight
Illuminating our blind eyes with delight


Late Night Freeverse, 08-01-2016

Never thought of a vice
Could hurt so much
But your silence stings
Like a thousand bees
All syncing at once
Assassinating who I am

This bottle is now empty
Another peeks eye at me
Ponder about my choices
What’s wrong and what’s right
I no longer know
You’re the reason behind

Feel no guilt
Trouble is all I bring
Music curses me deaf
Reading blinds my fantasy
While your scent talks peace
Mine begs for war

Late Night Thought, 18-12-2015

It was an afternoon of which the light from the sun penetrated through the walls, heating up the whole room; no mortal would ever think something could shine brighter, and so I thought. I then saw her face; like a melody I cannot take off my head. The beautiful and mesmerizing enigma she was awakened my soul like no one ever did before. Some would define me as an idiot for not talking to her right after I noticed her, but I’d just tell them ‘I’m not who you think you are’. I’m not the player type of guy; I’m not some serious, independent, alpha-type lone wolf as society defines. I’m the observer behind every lighthouse, standing alone in the dark while staring at the stars; wishing I had someone’s hand to hold.

Late Night Freeverse, 07-12-2015

Shroud myself with iconic comfort
Other’s sweat and blood I will drink
Granting me desired super powers
That I might possess; the uncanny to me
All for you; just for you, my love

But I’d turn away from your eyes
You’re a free bird; I’m a planted tree
Distract myself with the useless
Yet dreamed and hopeful tasks
Stalling for you; falling harder for you

I cannot escape from you no more
The beast must I face one day
Shall I it face tomorrow with armed forces
Skills and abilities I’ve learned and mastered
Defeat might bring sorrow and dismay

But, you’re worth it all

Late Night Freeverse, 06-12-2015

Sun shines dark on another day
Soulless ebony absorbs the sky
Slowly watch it going from East to West
When my brain daydreams in fantasy
I think I’ve found paradise in you

Picture my lips against yours
Disown everything and everyone
You’re my world; my muse
My life’s distraction of dismay
Yet the cause of all havoc

Regret it not; you’re worth the pain
Even though it is you stabbing me daily
Red spears looking pretty on me
Endure the dragon fire of your words
Have I ever been assigned a harder task?

I now turn to an adaptive fool
Learning from you; my new teacher
Allow me to master the beauty you are
As my hand touches your cheek gently
We’d stop and stare; a smile says enough

Late Night Freeverse, 03-12-2015

Dressed up words by the angel
Exiling the dark sun from my soul
Innocently flirting with my heart
Where I’d once again become a maniac
Sleepless nights, unwanted thoughts;
Careless acts, shocked by the angel;

Striving to feel the grip of your hand
Lonesome walks; feel the eternal wrath
And every movie, every scene
Every song, every word
Speaks to me about the angel
Tales about who we could be one day

If only

Late Night Freeverse, 29-11-2015

Motionless in my own world
Stimulating my ears with your music
Tears swipin’ down with each lyric search
As I look aside and notice you’re not here
Nor will you ever be; by my side
All I ask is to feel the extant of your skin

Must be busy
I’d tell to myself
Must be scared
I’d sing to myself
Must be waiting
I’d lie to myself

Keep me right here waiting endlessly
For the exquisite breath your body offers
Turned them into said words of joy
Only then could I be closer to you
Where I can stretch out my hand; touch your skin
Softly, gently, and with passion name the forsaken